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Find a Gym That Fits You

What is Most Important to You

NoCo Fitness | GymJoining a gym is a big decision. You have many different decisions to make before going to look at prospective gyms. Do you want the gym near your home or near work? Big gym or small gym? What are their hours of operation? What equipment do you need? Do you want to take classes? Do you want a personal trainer? What is your budget? Let’s go through each of these questions and sort out the details, so you will feel less overwhelmed and more confident making your decision.


One of the most important decisions you can make about a gym is the location. If your work and home are in the same vicinity, it is not as important. However, if you commute to Ft. Collins or Denver daily, the decision will have a bigger impact on your workout schedule. If you decide to get a gym near your place of employment and want to work out on your days off, you will have to make the commute. There is nothing quite as demotivating as feeling like you are driving to work even on your days off. Many people prefer to have gyms close to home, so they don’t have the commute after work out and a long day at the office.

Gym Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the gym may have more of an impact than you think. The atmosphere of some gyms may make you feel comfortable working out while others may make you feel self-conscious. Do you want to work out at a large gym with lots of people or do you prefer a small gym with a more intimate atmosphere? If you prefer to be more anonymous, then a big gym might be the way to go. However, beware of high pressure sales and unsightly membership costs. Yes, they might have all the equipment you ever wanted, but will you use all that equipment or will you end up getting soaked for things you never use? A small gym usually has a more intimate atmosphere. The owner is usually a trainer and is there running the show. You get more personalized care but may not have every piece of equipment under the sun at your disposal. However, small gyms will generally have the most widely used equipment that provide the foundation for a solid workout. Either way, decide what you are looking for ahead of time and make sure the gym you chose has the equipment you need.

The Details

Finally, make sure you know their hours of operation. If you want to work out at 5:00 a.m. before your commute to work, make sure they are open at that time. If you want to exercise after work, make sure they are open into the evening so that you get your workout in before they close. Nothing will derail a fitness plan faster than a gym that isn’t conducive to your schedule.

Finding a gym may feel similar to shopping for a new home or deciding which college to attend. The important thing is to have an idea about what is important to you before you begin searching. You will then be armed with information to find the gym that it is the best fit for you. Your odds of actually utilizing your membership will improve and so will your results.

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  1. Julia Reply

    I wish there were more smaller gyms in my area. Maybe there are and I just don’t know about them. Club Fitness just isn’t doing it for me since we quit training.

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