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From the Keyboard to the Dumbbells: Corporate Memberships

For some, a job means sitting at a desk all day long, face glued to a computer screen, and fingers stuck to a keyboard. The greatest amount of exercise throughout the day might be getting up to walk to the vending machine. Being stuck at a desk all day can be pretty rough. But NoCo Fitness has come out with new programs to give employees something to keep them healthy and fit all year long!

Getting your employees into the gym can have many benefits for both the employees, and you, the employer.

Employees will feel better day to day.

Exercise has been shown to have many benefits. By exercising daily or every other day for 30 minutes to an hour, employees will surely start to feel better in everyday life, as well as at the work place. Not to mention, posture can be improved through exercise, leading to feeling better in the workplace.

Reduce your stress at work.

Sometimes, the work environment can be stressful. What better way is there to reduce stress than to crush some weights at the gym? By exercising, you can reduce stress throughout the body on a daily basis.

Get a discount on personal training.

With the corporate membership package, everyone that takes part in the memberships will receive a discount on training with one of our elite personal trainers.

Expense the memberships as an employee benefit.

As an employer, you can use the memberships for your team as a tax write-off and an employee benefit.

Employees will take less sick days.

Increasing the amount of exercise in your team will increase their overall health and decrease the amount of times they become sick throughout the year.

Use this as a team building opportunity.

A team that works hard together in the gym is sure to work hard in the workplace together as well. Create team challenges and team goals, and work towards them all together!

At NoCo Fitness, our ultimate goal to is to help everyone look better, feel better, and move better. This can be achieved through daily exercise, and we are here to help you reach your goals. This is a great opportunity for employers to give back to their employees. It will benefit everyone, employers and employees included!

If you would like more information on our corporate membership packages, get ahold of us at NoCo Fitness at (970) 978-4392.

By: Ryan McIvor

Ryan McIvor | Personal Trainer

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