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Working Off Those Halloween Treats

Those bags of Halloween treats may be taunting you saying EAT ME, but you can sweat off a few fun-sized indulgences during your next workout. Check out just how many of your favorite fun-sized candies you are burning off at your next workout!

You Ate It…Now Negate It!

Candy Calories Work Needed
Starburst 40 10 flights of stairs
York Peppermint Patty 50 10 minutes of a cardio circuit
Crunch Bar 60 150 crunches
Skittles 63 100 push-ups
Hershey’s Bar 63 6 minutes running at 6 mph
Kit Kat Bar 70 10 minutes on the elliptical
M&Ms 73 15 minutes of physique
Snickers Bar 80 50 burpees
Twix Bar 80 5 minutes on Jacob’s Ladder
Butterfinger 85 4 minutes of TABADA
Babe Ruth 85 200 jump squats
Reese’s 90 10 minutes of spinning


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