My mom and I have been training with Chris with NoCo Fitness for a year now.  The results have been unbelievable! My clothes fit differently, I have more energy throughout the day and I am able to do more physical activities.

I appreciate that Chris makes a workout plan customized to every individual’s specific needs. My mom and I’s plans are very different yet the same results are achieved.  He is very patient and ensures that we not only understand how to do the exercise but also that we are comfortable doing it.

I’ve worked with personal trainers in the past and Chris is by far the best. He displays the upmost professionalism.  He has never been late or cancelled an appointment.  He is always prepared when we walk into his studio and always has an upbeat positive attitude.

I appreciate the studio is private. I’ve had gym memberships before and I was intimated by them.  I worried that I was being looked at because I was using some equipment incorrectly or if I tried something new I would be given a weird look.  At NoCo Fitness I don’t have to worry about this. I am able to try new exercises and work my hardest because of the safe environment Chris has created.

I appreciate the professional, private, comforting environment that Chris has created in his private studio. It has changed the lives of both my mom and I.


I’m 55 years old. I’m not a physically active person. I’ve never enjoyed exercising, and I don’t like to sweat. So why am I going to a personal trainer? The NoCo Fitness adventure started out as a birthday gift for my husband. Now we do partner training sessions twice a week.

Now here’s the kicker. I actually enjoy this!

Chris is very upbeat, supportive, and an encouraging guy, and he knows his business. His expertise and his ability to individualize the fitness plans make our time with him very productive and we’re already seeing results!

NoCo Fitness is a great time! I feel good, and I can actually see myself feeling good in a bathing suit! Woo-Hoo!!

Julia B.

When you start carrying around 50 extra pounds and your belly is entering rooms well before you do, it’s time to get serious about getting back into shape. So, when my wife presented me with a gift certificate for a month at NoCo Fitness with a personal trainer, I figured it was her gentle way of telling me that the lump in the sofa wasn’t the furniture… but me. And now, three months in, I actually look forward to meeting with Chris two times a week. I’ve lost 25 pounds, I’m moving to the left in pant sizes in my closet, and just today I discovered that I can flex pec muscles under what used to be my moobs. And I owe it to Chris. He’s fun, enthusiastic, and supportive, without any of the macho I expected to be thrown at me. I can’t recommend him, the nutritional guidance, or the workouts he individualizes for my fat a** any more highly. Really, he’s terrific. In fact, we have a new saying in our house when facing something challenging: “Be Like Chris.” High-fives for Chris Silvernale.

Thom M.

I started at NoCo Fitness almost three months ago. I have never met a professional who is as personable and who has the level of integrity that Chris has. He has provided a diverse program to fit my needs and challenged me to achieve the goal I set for my improved health and flexibility. He is an outstanding master of his craft, very bright and has a wonderful sense of humor.

It was obvious from the start that Chris’s passion for physical fitness is a way of life for him. His enthusiasm is evidenced in his commitment to design a program that provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new, healthier lifestyle that is tailored to each client.

t has been a privilege to work with Chris and to feel assured that he cares as much about my goals and progress as I do. Fantastic opportunity for improved wellness!

Marietta S.

Before I started at NoCo fitness, I didn’t have the will power or confidence in myself to work out and to improve my health. I truly thought at my age, it was not possible. My trainer, Chris, has proven me wrong! He believes in me and gives me the confidence I need, which makes it much easier to continue my success week to week.

At NoCo Fitness, it’s not like a normal gym where you have many people exercising around you. This is a one on one basis, just you and your trainer.

I would recommend NoCo Fitness to anyone struggling to find the motivation to keep exercising and to stay healthy.

Kris F.

I started out like many people, joining a gym and committing to work out 3-5 days per week.  I did this for several months, and was not noticing the changes I expected.  I’ve struggled with Thyroid issues, and weight loss was increasingly becoming more and more challenging for me.  I began working with Chris about 5 months ago, and I’ve lost over 20 pounds.  Most importantly, I’m consistently increasing my fitness goals, and on my way to living a healthier lifestyle over all.  Chris has a unique ability to identify with his clients, and provide targeted work outs to fit any schedule and fitness level. He is dedicated to helping his clients reach and exceed their personal fitness, weight loss, and nutrition goals.


I have been working with Chris Silvernale at NoCo Fitness for over 11 months. In that time I have lost 40+ pounds and at least 8 dress sizes.

Chris makes the workouts challenging but so doable. Chris is very upbeat and approachable. Even when you feel like he should yell at you, he is nothing but encouraging and positive. But in no way is he a push over.

I credit Chris and NoCo Fitness with my success and continued overall improvement of health. I have already told him he is never allowed to move, because I will continue to use his services at NoCo Fitness as long as I have breath in my body! Thank You Chris.

Karen Herrington